• Vision

    To become a leader in medical education in Ghana and Africa.

    Accra College of Medicine
  • Mission Statement

    To provide world-class medical education that is relevant, research oriented, tailored toward solving Ghana and Africa’s health problems, producing unique graduates who are committed to excellence and have “heart power”.

    Accra College of Medicine

Medical education in Ghana started in 1962 with the establishment of the University of Ghana Medical School. To meet the growing demand for doctors by the Ghanaian population, the School of Medical Sciences in KNUST was set up in 1975 to train doctors and other health professionals. This was followed by the establishment of the University for Development Studies (UDS) School of Health Sciences in 2006 to train doctors with a focus on helping to solve the developmental problems in the North of Ghana. In 2009, the University of Cape Coast also set up a medical school with the aim of supplementing the medical education currently provided. Plans are also underway at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, in the Volta Region, to set up a medical school to train doctors for the nation.

However, all of these schools currently graduate only about 400 doctors a year that means that many very qualified Ghanaian candidates are turned away. The Accra College of Medicine seeks to begin to plug this hole by admitting 60 of such students each year.

ACM seeks to instil the following values into its corporate culture in pursuit of our mission. We aredetermined that the following should guide us in the pursuit of our mission:

Heart power:We are committed to pursuing excellence and to making a difference in the lives of others withcompassion, empathy, joy, love, passion, enthusiasm and dedicated service. We train our studentsto embrace these values by “heart.”

Leadership:Our students are to be trained to see themselves as leaders wherever they find themselves and tobe responsible persons, leading by example.

Innovation:Our students will be knowledgeable and have the ability to use their knowledge in nonconventional ways to solve problems and challenges they are confronted with.

Passion:Our students will be taught to care very much about the people they encounter. They wouldpractice Medicine whether they are paid a fortune or not.

Integrity:Students of the Accra College of Medicine are trained to keep their promises.

Community Service:We are passionate about our community and know that our education is meant to help make oursociety a better place. We collaborate with others, using our education, to solve the problems ofthe community in which we find ourselves. We go the extra mile to assist in solving their problems.

Excellence:As an institution, we are committed to giving off our very best in everything: excellence is not justsomething we do; it is who we are.



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