About ACM

The Accra College of Medicine (“ACM”) is a premier private and independent Medical College set up to provide cutting-edge medical education in Ghana. ACM provides world-class medical education that is research oriented and tailored towards solving Ghana and Africa’s health problems. Our medical professionals are passionate about medicine, community oriented, use innovative means to solve problems. We aim to train medical practitioners who are professional and ethical, scientists, innovators and, educators with the commitment to lifelong learning and making a difference in the community.

The Accra College of Medicine integrates a premier private medical school with leading public and private health facilities to advance medical education in Ghana. The Accra College of Medicine is unique. Built upon a distinctive health care environment, at ACM we offer a student-centered, collaborative learning experience, driven by the primary value of “Heart-Power” – training our students to prioritise the needs of the patient, community and country.

At the Accra College of Medicine, you will find a dedicated faculty who provide students with a superlative education in medicine, who help shape leaders in public policy and who discover and promulgate new scientific knowledge about existing and emerging diseases. Combined with the state-of-the-art technology and an innovative curriculum that stresses the importance of science, clinical knowledge and research skills, ACM will educate and train tomorrow’s health care leaders today.

The ACM Advantage

World-Class Facilities

We have invested in technology and the incorporation of innovative practical learning aids that will enable our students experience first-hand the advanced medical practices required to deal with a broad diversity of patients and diseases.

Leading Faculty

ACM’s faculty members are passionate about teaching and educating a new generation of health care leaders. ACM facultyare both local and international professors of repute.

Small Class Size

Small class sizes and high faculty-to- student ratio are hallmarks of the Accra College of Medicine education fostering effective learning and lifelong professional and personal relationships.

Visionary Curriculum

ACM offers a state-of-the-art curriculum immediately applicable to preeminent patient care, biomedical research, and scholarly academic medicine. ACM curriculum is best tailored to prepare students for the challenges of patient care.

Broad-Based Medical Education

ACM education aims to produce broad-minded well-educated medical scientists and clinicians who are ethical, professional, appreciative of the humanities and the arts and culture of peoples, with additional courses such as Health Care Management, Medical Entrepreneurship, Community Volunteering, Nursing and Heart Power.

Undergraduate and Graduate Entry

At ACM, we offer both Undergraduate entry for qualifying students straight out of secondary school and Graduate entry for qualifying students who have a bachelors degree in a science-related subject.


An exclusive component offered to students, this course of study provides a flexible enrichment education that is interspersed between course blocks. Students select various electives including community service to expand subject offerings, encourage self-directed learning, and renew curiosity while complementing the major themes of the ACM curriculum.

Core Values

ACM seeks to instil the following values into its corporate culture in pursuit of our mission. We are determined that the following should guide us in the pursuit of our mission:

Heart power: We are committed to pursuing excellence and to making a difference in the lives of others with compassion, empathy, joy, love, passion, enthusiasm and dedicated service. We train our students to embrace these values by “heart.”

Leadership: Our students are to be trained to see themselves as leaders wherever they find themselves and to be responsible persons, leading by example.

Innovation: Our students will be knowledgeable and have the ability to use their knowledge in nonconventional ways to solve problems and challenges they are confronted with.

Passion: Our students will be taught to care very much about the people they encounter. They would practice Medicine whether they are paid a fortune or not.

Integrity: Students of the Accra College of Medicine are trained to keep their promises.

Community Service: We are passionate about our community and know that our education is meant to help make our society a better place. We collaborate with others, using our education, to solve the problems of the community in which we find ourselves. We go the extra mile to assist in solving their problems.

Excellence: As an institution, we are committed to giving off our very best in everything: excellence is not just something we do; it is who we are.

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