ACM-MDC Revision Course


Foreign trained doctors are doctors trained in countries other than Ghana, in institutions recognized by the Medical and Dental Council.  However, due to differences in demographics and disease epidemiology, it has become necessary for foreign trained doctors to be assessed by the MDC prior to their certification to practice in Ghana.

The Accra College of Medicine therefore, offers opportunities to foreign trained Medical Doctors to assist them become well-equipped to take the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana’s pre-registration examination. A revision programme has been designed for Medical Doctors; intending to practice in Ghana, who had their medical education and training in medical schools outside the country. Under this revision programme, Doctors will be given the opportunity to work with and be mentored by our well trained and experienced Faculty at various health facilities. This programme is mainly for Medical Doctors who have successfully completed their medical education and housemanship aboard and intend to practice Medicine in Ghana.

  • Students will be required to attend on-site orientation and training prior to beginning their revision classes.
  • The 2020 session will run from July 2020 – December 2020.
  • All clinical rotations would be faculty lead.
  • Foreign trained Doctors will have the opportunity to interact socially and academically with faculty
  • Applying doctors must present all transcripts of academic record from all the universities they have attended.
  • Applying doctors must have successfully completed an MBChB programme from one of the MDC recognized foreign universities.
  • Applying doctors must present original copies of their MBChB certificates for verification.
  • Have good academic standing and health.
  • Be proficient in English.

This programme spans for a period of six (6) months.

How To Apply

  1. Download a Form below.

  2. Fill the form electronically and send it to: 

  3. Upon receipt of your application, the administration will contact you.

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