Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application window open?

From March of each year.

When is the deadline for applying to ACM?

All applications should be received by the 1st week of January.

What is the Affiliation and Accreditation Status of ACM?

ACM is affiliated to the University of Ghana and Mentored by the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry and therefore our students will graduate with an MBChB degree from the University of Ghana.

ACM is also accredited by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission.

What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

Academically competent students, with a passion to pursue Medical education and committed to Excellence

When will the academic year begin?

The academic year for continuing students begin in September.

What are the minimum requirements needed for one to apply?
  • Senior Secondary/High School Certificates (SSSCE/WASSSCE)
  • Baccalaureate (French),  International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • GCE (Cambridge) – ‘O’ and  ‘A’ Level
  • IGCSE (Cambridge) – ‘O’ and ‘A’ level,
  • American High School Grade – Grade 12 and 13 examinations – SAT Score

Prospective students should have obtained Aggregate 12 or better in six (6) subjects in the WASSCE/SSSCE examinations. They should have obtained credits or better in the core subjects: English, Mathematics, Integrated Science and three elective subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Elective Mathematics) or equivalent. A credit or better in Social Studies may be advantageous.
All interested students are encouraged to apply for a determination of their levels. Those who qualify will then be invited to go through an Entrance Examination and interview process as the ultimate determinant of admission. Those who do not qualify will be informed of the reason and adviced on remedial steps that may make them qualify.

Will online degrees be considered in the graduate application process?

Yes, on application and submission of transcripts, identification and other academic records, application will be assessed based on these documents.

What happens if I have not received my test scores by the application deadline?

You can still apply and go through the Entrance Examination and Interview, but we will not consider your application complete until all your test scores have been received.

How and when do interviews take place?

Interviews for Ghanaian applicants will take place at the ACM campus. Distance examination under a proctor system and Microsoft Teams interviews can be arranged for foreign applicants who will not be in Ghana by then.
For this year, we anticipate that interviews will take place in March, June and August.

How do I prepare for the entrance exams and interview?

Read generally on ethics of the medical profession and the world of health. Visit our website and read all you can. Most importantly, look into yourself and find out whether a career in medicine is for you or not. Be yourself.

Does ACM accept international students?

Yes, Absolutely.

What types of documents are necessary for international students?

Copy of original transcripts
2 recommendation letters from 2 tutors
A Signed Sponsored Letter
3 months current bank statement from the Sponsor
Applicants with American high school grade 12 should have SAT
Immunization records(Hepatitis B, Titanus, Yellow Fever, COVID-19)
Copy of High School Results
Passport Picture

Does ACM accept transfer applicants?

Yes we do. They will be evaluated after application.

I have a Pre-Medical degree from a country outside Ghana; can I enter your medical school?

Yes, do apply and we will consider your application.

How do I inquire about any additional information not listed on the website?

Do call +233 (0)303 961 778 /+233 (0)303 967 477 or write to and all your concerns will be addressed

Can I still apply if I don’t have a science background?

Yes, do apply and we will assess your application and academic records. The minimum science background required is discussed in question no. 5.

Do you offer any kind of scholarships or financial aid?

Scholarships are available, but applicants have to be accepted into the program first. Then, the applicant must write a letter indicating his/her need for a scholarship. Scholarship amounts will be determined by the Academic Board, strictly based on merit.

Is there a payment plan when it comes to tuition payments?

Tuition fee is generally expected to be paid in full at the beginning of the academic year. A semester based payment plan will be considered on application.

Does the fees include accommodation?

No, accommodation expenses are not covered in the fees which are made up of the following:

  • Academic Facilities/ Tuition
  • Practicals
  • Examinations
  • Technology Service/ Wifi
  • Sanitation and Security
  • Infrastructural Development Levy
  • Library Facilities
  • Examination Verification
  • E- learning/ Medical Technology
Are there Accommodation facilities?

Yes. ACM has a limited accommodation, which is prioritized for foreign students and those coming from outside Accra on a first come first served basis. ACM will facilitate accommodation in the neighborhood for students. ACM will ensure that recommended accommodation meet decent standards.

All students needing accommodation are advised to apply soon after they receive their letters of admission. An application for accommodation form is provided in the admission documents.

What is your policy on deferring admission after I’ve been accepted to ACM?

We will consider this on case by case basis and make adjustments usually only for exceptional cases.

Do you have an exchange program?

Yes we do, within the 5th and 6th year in countries like USA, UK and Taiwan.

What is the guarantee of me having an instant Job after my housemanship?

An education at ACM, depending on the effort you put in will guarantee you a job. You will also be trained into being a leader and medical entrepreneurship so you will be encouraged to create your own job

Can I come take a tour of ACM prior to being admitted?


Do come with your family and sponsors.

Do call +233 (0)303 961 778 / +233 (0)303 967 477 or write to to book a tour. Tours generally take place during working hours, Monday to Friday.

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