Grades & Transcripts


Your official ACM enrollment record is documented on your transcript. Transcripts are generally required when transferring to another institution, applying to graduate or professional schools, or when an official record is needed to certify the credits, grades, and credentials you earned while at ACM.

Transcripts are only provided to students on request after completion of their 6/5 years academic course. Students who wish to acquire their transcript should write formally to inform the Office of Administration.

After informing the Office of Administration, it will take 15 working days for a student to receive his or her transcript.

There are four types of official documents available on this page: official transcripts, unofficial transcripts, enrollment verifications, and graduation verification.

Official Transcripts: Used by other institutions, can be sent as a physical copy or digital PDF directly to the institution when required.

Unofficial Transcripts: Physical copies only, can only be issued to the student.

Please note – All financial obligations to the University and holds on your student account must be satisfied or requests for transcripts, both official and unofficial, will not be processed.

Letters of Introduction: Used to certify enrollment, typically used for scholarships, insurance discounts or loan deferment.

    Official Transcripts

    You can request to have your official transcript, sent electronically as a PDF, or picked up in person during regular business hours.

      Letters of Introduction
      Introductory letters would be ready for collection after three business days from the day of submission of completed request forms. However, requests for Letters of Introduction to embassies and/or high commissions should be made at least two weeks before visa appointment. If a request for a letter is placed on Friday, the transcript will be ready on the following Tuesday at 2pm. Students must have their request forms approved by all Offices concerned and attach original receipt of introductory letter fee to the completed forms, before submitting them at the Administration Office. Students may pick-up their letters only between 4:00 and 4:45pm.
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