Medical education in Ghana started in 1962 with the establishment of the University of Ghana Medical School. To meet the growing demand for doctors by the Ghanaian population, the School of Medical Sciences in KNUST was set up in 1975 to train doctors and other health professionals. This was followed by the establishment of the University for Development Studies (UDS) School of Health Sciences in 2006 to train doctors with a focus on helping to solve the developmental problems in the North of Ghana. In 2009, the University of Cape Coast also set up a medical school with the aim of supplementing the medical education currently provided. Plans are also underway at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, in the Volta Region, to set up a medical school to train doctors for the nation.

However, all of these schools currently graduate only about 400 doctors a year that means that many very qualified Ghanaian candidates are turned away. The Accra College of Medicine seeks to begin to plug this hole by admitting 60 of such students each year.

The Crest

The Accra College of Medicine commenced as a business in December 2013, and was formally launched as a Medical school on the 15th of December 2015. The College has a for-symbol crest the encapsulates all the school stands for. The four symbols are the Hippocratic symbol, a book and two Adinkra symbols. Adinkra symbols are traditional Ghanaian symbols used to convey various aspects of human life. They also convey the truth about various characteristics and serve both aesthetic and practival purposes. The two symbols used by the Accra College of Medicine are Nsaa and Nyame Nti

At the Top Left hand of the crest is the Hippocratic symbol; which symbolizes the medical profession. All over the world, doctors take the Hippocratic oath by which they pledge to always treat life as sacred and do all within their power to save lives. At the Accra College of Medicine, we believe in the excellence of health care and thus educate our students to treat life as sacred. Our students are trained to treat everyone they meet with dignity and not discriminate. They are also to value life over all other considerations, especially money as life is divine

At the Top Right hand corner is a book; representing education. Education is not just for examinations, but is meant to cause a transformation in our way of thinking and thereby our lives. Our education ought to make us understand the world in which we live and help us find our place in it. That enables us to serve humanity and contribute our quota to making the world a better place. Medicine represents a very specialized area of knowledge. The Accra College of Medicine aims to provide both specialized knowledge for medicine and a general knowledge and appreciation of the world around. Knowledge empowers us to make a difference in society. That is after all one reason why we exist as a tertiary institution.

At the Bottom Left corner is the Adinkra symbol Nsaa. Nsaa is a type of Ghanaian hand-woven cloth and it represents excellence, genuineness and authenticity. The Accra College of Medicine is a first in many areas. It is the first independent and private medical school in Ghana. It is also dedicated exclusively to the study of medicine. This Adinkra symbol, Nsaa, represents all we stand for as an institution: being true to yourself and being the best you can be. We celebrate our pioneering role and challenge our students to be excellent, genuine an authentic where ever they find themselves.

At the Bottom Right corner is another Adinkra symbol: Nyame Nti. Nyame Nti represents faith and trust in God. The Accra College of Medicine, though not a religiously affiliated institution, is founded on Christian principles. Faith and trust in God serve as the basis for everything we do and we offer up our education, our students and our faculty to Him. Ultimately, all life and all knowledge come from God. The symbol of faith and trust in God serves as a reminder of the stewardship role we play as an institution. It behooves on us to make the best use of the resources and the opportunities we have received.

The College Anthem


All hail! All hail!! All hail!!! Accra College of Medicine To lead a worldwide revolution in medical education in Ghana and Africa To provide world class education that is relevant, research oriented tailored towards solving problems of Ghana and Africa

Arise! Our alma mater dear Arise! Our Heart Power shall stand Arise! Accra College of Medicine To God be the glory

All hail! All hail!! All hail!!! Accra College of Medicine With passion, excellence, innovation, integrity and community service we offer mankind With faith and trust we train brilliant students with perfect faculty We provide excellent doctors for Ghana and Africa


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