Academic Registration

Steps for Registration

All incoming students will be expected to register in person at ACM. This is to ensure that students have all the required documentation before they are allowed to register. Before students register, they are to ensure that they conduct a medical examination at the approved ACM Hospital/Clinic – (To Be Announced). Please note that students will not be allowed to register until they have completed the medical examination.

  1. Pay tuition fee and submit proof of payment to the Finance Officer.
  2. Collect a clearance form and proceed to the Office of Administration.
  3. Submit clearance form and all required documents (health insurance, immunisations, medical examination and other documents)
  4. Fill out all the required documents and register.

Orientation Session

Dates scheduled

Programme outline for each day


Payment of fees is very integral to the registration process. Upon receipt of admission, you will have a month to pay a commitment fee of GHC 5,000 or $1000, which forms part of the tuition fee so will be credited to your account.

Click on the link below to know the fees schedule for 2021/2022 academic year (Fees schedule)

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