Library Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 10.00pm


In support of the mission of the Accra College of Medicine, the Library’s mission is to provide world-class health information resources that is relevant, research oriented, tailored toward solving Ghana and Africa’s health problems so that ACM can produce unique graduates, who are excellent, committed to excellence and have “heart power”. Primarily, it acquires, organizes and maintains information resources for instruction, learning and research; for students, faculty and staff of ACM and other affiliates.


To be a leader in the provision of medical information in Ghana and Africa.

Primary Goals

The primary goal of ACM Library is to provide non-print and print information resource materials to students, faculty and staff of the Accra College of Medicine to enable them to develop in mind, body and spirit for service to humanity and the world as a whole. Library patrons are also expected to respect the rights of other patrons to use library resources and facilities in a quiet, clean, and peaceful atmosphere.

ACM Library is primarily digital, with a subscription to a number of electronic information resources, which includes Hinori database, Merck database, ClinicalKeys and Complete Anatomy which gives access to over 10,000 scholarly journals, books and videos.

ACM Library is not limited to only the library building. It reaches out with cutting edge information to Students, Faculty and Staff. The E-Library holds overs 2000 materials and this is supplemented by the physical collection.

The Library collection aside from focusing on academics also provides materials for recreational and relaxation reading. The collection will continue to grow over time.


Care of Books/Materials

  • Users must not trace any picture or figure from any book.
  • No books should be written in, cut, highlighted or damaged in anyway.

 Any defect or damage to a book should be reported to the Library staff

  • Readers and borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to a material in their custody and will be required to pay the appropriate cost of such damaged books.
  • Borrowers should report at once the loss of any document in their care and if it is not found, the borrower shall pay for the assessed cost of the lost document.

General Rules

  • The library employs open shelving. Users are requested not to re-shelve items, but to place them on the library tables.
  • Silence is to be observed at all times within the library.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the reading area of the library. Toffees, fruits are not exempted.
  • The use of Mobile Phones in the Library is prohibited.
  • No access code to information should be shared/ given to non ACM Students
  • No seat shall be reserved by or for any user.
  • Smoking is forbidden in and around the Library.
  • All borrowed materials are to be returned on time, on the due date.
  • No borrowing is allowed for or during vacation.
  • Orderly conduct must be maintained at all times in the Library.
  • Library Staff will inspect any item being taken out of the Library.
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